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In order to rise the prosperity level of farmer as the act of slogan NANDUR SIK DI PANGAN - MANGAN SIK DITANDUR (planting what you eat - eat what you plant) in Sedayu area, the Government of Sedayu District giving facilities and boost every farmer in this area to cultivate Edamame. 

This idea comes when the Government of Sedayu District area visited Kedu, Temanggung, Middle Java to do some research and study.

There's socialization from factory that provides the Edamame's seeds and the Government end up to take step ahead with MOU. 

Sedayu area has 3 main pilot project locations in Sungapan Argodadi, Kadibeso Argodadi, also Klangon Argosari. 

70 days after planting the seeds, farmers already got good results. This Harvest results of Edamame indicate the succession of the pilot project. 

The government tend to make this cultivation spread widely in Sedayu area so that when people comes up to think about Edamame, later they will mention that Sedayu is one of the center of Edamame's Cultivation in Java.

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di Kapanewon Sedayu

Puskesmas Sedayu I

Puskesmas Sedayu I

Panggang, Argomulyo, Sedayu, Bantul
(0274) 7477131

Puskesmas Sedayu II

Puskesmas Sedayu II

Jl. Wates Km 12, Semampir, Argorejo, Sedayu, Bantul
(0274) 7466886

Komando Rayon Militer Sedayu

Koramil / Komando Rayon Militer Sedayu

Jl. Yogya - Wates Km. 10 Argomulyo, Sedayu

Kepolisian Sektor Sedayu

Polsek / Kepolisian Sektor Sedayu

Jl. Yogya - Wates Km 10.5 Argomulyo, Sedayu
(0274) 795968

Kantor Urusan Agama Sedayu

KUA / Kantor Urusan Agama Sedayu

Jl. Wates Km. 10 Karanglo, Sedayu, Bantul
(0274) 7499163